Blurb Swatch Kit Review

Did you know that the type of paper you use for you book or any other publication determines the look, the feel and even the weight of the book? Now you know this. That said, whenever you’re working on any publication and you`re in the printing stage, you’ve to make a wise decision when selecting the papers for the printing process. To make this task easier, Blurb Swatch Kit offers you a wide range of sample papers to choose from. Why don’t you grab this opportunity and make your next masterpiece stand among others?

What is Blurb Swatch Kit?

This is a kit prepared by, an online publishing company. It is composed of physical samples of papers offered by the company, allowing you to decide on the suitable papers for your project.

Contents of Swatch Kit

1. Standard paper- it has a silky feel and a medium weight. It can be used for publishing a variety of books.

2. Premium matte- With a crafty matte finish, the paper is 35% heavier than the standard one. It`s also opaque than the standard one, giving it a softer feel.

3. Premium Lustre- It’s also 35% heavier and more opaque compared to the standard paper. With a hint of gloss, the paper gives a shiny appearance for your pages!

4. ProLine Uncoated- this is a unique paper with an egg shell texture. Regardless of its texture however, it provides excellent print outs that retain the image`s details. The paper is a favorite for many graph designers. For all your book projects, this could be your perfect match!

5. ProLine Pearl Photo- another Blurb Swatch kit paper with outstanding features not found in the above papers: it`s heavier than the rest, more opaque (due to its thickness) and glossier than premium Lustre.With such features, the paper is well known for producing sharp images that bear perfect color saturation properties, awesome contrast and indeed very beautiful. This paper finds a wide application in professional photo books.

6. Speciality Papers- this is the last content in the kit. Specialty papers are basically samples of uncoated white or cream papers which are suitable for trade and pocket books printing. They also cover samples of magazine and cover papers.

How much does Blurb Swatch Kit Cost?

The kit goes for $7.95. This amount is inclusive of shipping fee. Good news is that once you but it, you’ll get a promo code that credits its cost (excluding any applicable taxes) off your next order!

This is a reasonable amount for the kit bearing in mind the content it comes with. Also the coupon code is a good chance to buy your next order with a discount.

This is the detailed review of Blurb Swatch Kit that allows you to see, feel and thus pick the right papers for your publication projects. Head to the website and place your order right now to make your next publication an AMAZING one! There is much more information here if you wish to continue your research.